Second Site News #061

11 February 2014

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A Trip Back in the Archives

Based on web usage reports, many Second Site users do not read the newsletters that I distribute. When I release a new version—the most common reason for me to distribute a newsletter—there are more visits to the download page than to the newsletter page. That makes sense because I provide the download page link in the email message that announces the new version and its newsletter. Many users download the program and then explore the new features via the help pages supplied with the program. If those users do not read the newsletter, however, they may miss out on important usage information.

While many newsletters provide only a basic announcement that a new version is available, some include additional information and articles. The newsletters that coincide with new major releases often include information that is not present elsewhere in the Help pages. Other newsletters include articles that explain new features, articles that were often inspired by users asking questions about those features.


The following newsletters include notable articles, most of which describe how to achieve specific results using one or more features. In contrast, most of the Second Site help pages are technical references.

# Article
067 Using Second Site and Tag Groups to Create an Alternative to Journal and Narrative Reports
by John Lucas
060 Subject Variables in TMG v9
055 Person Entry Example
038 Maps, Calendars, and Custom Pages
037 Using the New Group Feature
by Terry Reigel
022 The (underused) Simple Text Format
012 Creating a Custom Index Using "Index People"
by Terry Reigel
002 Second Site as a Data Archive Tool
001 Second Site as a QC Tool

Major Versions

Here's a list of the newsletters that were issued for major releases.

12 September 2022 Update: The lists below now include articles released after the original release date of this newsletter (11 February 2014).

# Version Notes
088 Second Site 8 Interactive Pedigree Chart
082 Second Site 7 New Formats, GDPR Compliance, One Page Script Enhancements
069 Second Site 6 Mobile-Friendly, Mapping Service Links, Embedded Multimedia Exhibits
054 Second Site 5 Person Entry Section, Family Explorer, SubMenus
048 Second Site 4 Tag Groups, Flag Events, Virtual Witnesses
039 Second Site 3 DNA features, Slideshow, People Section, HTML Editor
029 Second Site 2 User Items, Layouts, Themes, Page Scripts, User Styles

Other Notable Releases

The following newsletters were issued with "minor" upgrades to Second Site, i.e., the first component of the version number did not change. However, there were significant enhancements to the program.

# Version Notes
050 Second Site 4.2 Search Form, One-Person Script
047 Second Site 3.4 Indented Charts, other chart improvements
044 Second Site 3.2 Image Gallery, Lightbox, Color Picker, Chart Accents
037 Second Site 2.2 Maps, Calendars


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